What makes a good life?
Please watch the video without subtitles first.
Then look through the glossary.
Then watch the video again with subtitles to make sure everything is clear.
As we go through life – move forward

To lean in to work - to rely on work

Things to go after in order to have a good life – things to pursue

Those choices work out for them. - give good results

How their life stories were going to turn out. - happen to unfold

All projects of this kind fall apart within a decade. - break into pieces

Too many people drop out of the study. – stop before finishing

Funding for the research dries up. – finishes

sophomore ['sɔfəmɔː] - AmEng a student of the second year

Most went off to serve in the war. - They left.

These teenagers grew up into adults. - became adults

schizophrenia [ˌskɪtsə'friːnɪə]
Our staff calls up our men. = calls our men

Period. – the end of the sentence

It turns out that… - It happens so

Octogenarian [ˌɔktəuʤə'neərɪən] - who is in their 80s

They can count on the other person. - They can rely on the other person.

To bicker with each other day in and day out - to quarrel every single day

to take a toll on something – to inflict damage

what they needed to go after – what they need to pursue

people who fared the best were the people who leaned in to relationships - who relied on relationships

to reach out to that family member – to get in touch
Please make up sentences with the following verbs: to turn out, to dry up, to count on, to work out, to reach out to. The context should be familiar to you: about a friend, neighbor or a movie character.
Please give a short summary of the video in English.
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