Creative genius
Please watch the video without subtitles first.
Then look through the glossary.
Then watch the video again with subtitles to make sure everything is clear.
It went out in the world. – The book was published.

They come up to me now - they come

Nothing's ever going to come of it - Nothing good is going to happen

When it comes to writing - When you finally sit down and write

It just didn't come up like that. – didn't appear

Check it out – look at it!

When she was growing up in rural Virginia - she became adult

As she put it "for another poet" - she said it

She's looking for the paper - searching

She would reach out with her other hand - get with hand
The poem would come up on the page perfect and intact - the poem appeared

He longs for it - wants a lot

He looked up at the sky. - looked upwards

Do I look like I can write down a song right now? - to write on paper

You've got to show up - you've got to come

I showed up for my part of the job. – I came

To go on for hours and hours - continue

Follow up – remind

When I really get psyched out about that - get extremely angry
Please make up sentences with the following verbs: to look for, to grow up, to come of something or somebody, to come to something, to write down.
Please give a short summary of the video in English.
Please look up two phrasal verbs from Oxford dictionary: to catch up with and to look forward to.
Pay attention to the examples of to look forward to: the verb after the phrasal verb gets -ing.

Put down several examples with these phrasal verbs.
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