january 6
Курс TED's phrasal verbs
Please watch the video without subtitles first.
Then look through the glossary.
Then watch the video again with subtitles to make sure everything is clear.
They might spread the work like this. - distribute

The paper would come along. - Getting nearer

So I planned things out. - planned everything

I would kick it up into high gear. - raise

Those middle months went by. – came and went

Two months turned into one month. - became

What goes on in the heads of procrastinators - happens

Then we're going to go over to the fridge. - move

Now, what is going on here? - What's happening?
Turns out the procrastinator has a guardian angel - happens

Someone who is always looking down on him and watching over him - cares and protects

People of TED reached out to me about six months ago. - contacted

Six months turned into four - became

To stay up all night - not to go to bed

The panic monster doesn't show up - doesn't come
Please make up sentences with the following verbs: to go on, to watch over, to plan out, to show up, to stay up. The context should be familiar to you: about a friend, neighbor or a movie character.
Please give a short summary of the video in English.
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